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Re: [pct-l] Advice needed about Whitney and resupply plans

Beth, This past summer Joy and I climbed Whitney having hiked with our ice axes 
from Kennedy Meadows, we then returned to the trail at Horseshoe lMeadows and 
Cottonwood Pass.  From Whitney Portal you have a 5000 foot climb in about 8 
miles, then you have to climb to the top, return and hike another 7 miles to the
PCT junction.  6-8 days of food to VVR is VERY heavy.  I wouldn't go up the 
trail for anything with that much weight.  The trail from Trail Pass to Crabtree
Meadows Is gorgeous, and not to be missed!  I believe the trail is 22 miles from
Horseshoe Meadows to Crabtree, an easy day, You'd be hard pressed to do the 
Whitney trip from the Portal to the trail junction in a day.

Bob of "Bob'n Bug"

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