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Re: [pct-l] Advice needed about Whitney and resupply plans

In a message dated 98-01-12 22:10:29 EST, murdocbe@ohsu.EDU writes:

<< My husband and I are planning our 98 thru-hike and my plan for the Whitney
area goes like this.  We plan to resupply from the store at Kennedy meadows
for the two and a half days to Trail pass.  There we will go down to Lone Pine
to pick up ice axes, etc., and enough food to get us to VVR.  During that
segment we will climb Whitney, allowing a day for the climb.  Then we will
continue through the passes.  My question is--why is this a bad plan? >>


First of all, it's only a "bad plan" if YOU feel it's a bad plan. There is no
single BEST way; no one CORRECT answer. There are pro's & con's for each of
the different options. Here is some information you might use in making your

(Brian Rbinson has already pointed out some of the negatives about the
Horseshoe Meadows Trailhead so I won't go into those.)

The Horseshoe Meadows Trailhead is located at 10,040 feet elevation. This
allows you to return to the PCT after your resupply with less than 1,000 feet
of elevation gain. 

There are three different spur trails from the PCT to Horseshoe Meadows
Trailhead (Mulkey Pass, Trail Pass and Cottonwood Pass). Each one is less than
4 miles long.

There is a "fee required" campground at Horseshoe Trailhead in case you have
arrive late and don't find a ride to Lone Pine before dark. Water and
restrooms are also available.

I assume you plan to hike to Whitney from Crabtree Meadows. Even though it's 8
miles (and a 4,000-foot elevation gain) to the summit, if you plan to hike
that in one day and return, you can reduce your load by leaving non-essentials
(tent, sleeping bag, etc) in your camp. There are bear-boxes for storing your
food while you complete the day hike.

I hope this helps you to make an informed decision,
Charlie Jones

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