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Re: [pct-l] '97-monument 78 register

It was an amazing sight to reach the northern terminus in Canada.  Dave and
I arrived with Katrina and Justin on  9/29 in a window of beautiful weather
so we had plenty of time to enjoy everyone's entries in the register and
add our own.  Thankfully too, Elizabeth (I think) had just left a brand new
book...so we had plenty of space to write.  There should be plenty of room
for everyone in '98...but it wouldn't hurt for someone to bring a new book
for the '99 hikers.  I know most of the people that finished before us in
'97 had to use random scraps of paper.

Jen (Dave and Jen PCT 97)

>Date: Mon, 12 Jan 1998 00:24:22 -0800 (PST)
>From: Andy Strickland <andyman@efn.org>
>Subject: Re: [pct-l] '97-Northbound headcount?

>If someone this year wants to do a good deed and pack up a fat new notebook
>up from Stehekin for the next few years of use, I'm sure it would be a
>worth a few cosmic brownie points in the grand scheme of things.

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