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[pct-l] pct-l-digest V1 #355

Andyman and Charley-

The PCTA has Registers with Monitors and Hosts at various locations along=

the trail including the Manning Park Office.  The Monument 78 register is=
'spontaneous' unofficial register created when the first person 'broke' t=
monument to discover a neat hideaway inside.  When my partner Craig Giffe=
and I  arrived there it contained a can of tuna, a sock, a mitten, and a
bunch of great notes which we enjoyed reading.  In short this register '
belongs' to everyone on the trail and no one person or group.  Write smal=
and enjoy!  If you want to be recognized by PCTA  I suggest you stop at
Manning Park.

I can remember another 'spontaneous" register on the PCT in '91 in Sec. A=
=2E =

It was in a new rural mailbox with the red flag up!  It startled me, bein=
out in the middle of nowhere, and I cautiously poked it open with my ice
axe because I thought it was a trick.  Inside was a notebook left by a
hiker from Texas.  I signed in like a lot of others.  A few weeks later i=
was gone.

Pete Fish
PCTA Reg Trail Coordinator
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