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[pct-l] Resupply at Trail pass

Resupplying in Lone Pine via Trail Pass sounds like a good idea,
especially since that's what I did in 1997.  There's a huge parking lot
at the trailhead, just a few miles from Trail Pass, so getting a ride
shouldn't be a problem.  You'd never want to try to make the walk from
the parking lot to Lone Pine, or even with the intersection with the
Whitney Portal Road-it would take forever!

Lone Pine is a great little town, with several restaurants and motels, a
nice sized grocery store, and a full sized drug store.  There are a
couple of small hardware stores that sell hiker items on the side, such
as water filters, iodine tablets, and used ice axes.  Try and stay at
the historic Doyle Hotel if you can; it's cheap, funky, and has a lot of
movie history attached to it.
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