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[pct-l] Advice needed about Whitney and resupply plans

My husband and I are planning our 98 thru-hike and my plan for the 
Whitney area goes like this.  We plan to resupply from the store at 
Kennedy meadows for the two and a half days to Trail pass.  There we will 
go down to Lone Pine to pick up ice axes, etc., and enough food to get us 
to VVR.  During that segment we will climb Whitney, allowing a day for 
the climb.  Then we will continue through the passes.  My question 
is--why is this a bad plan?  I ask this because of the few accounts I 
know of   people's travels through this area most have chosen to pick up 
axes at Kennedy meadows, gone down to Lone Pine after climbing Whitney, 
and rehiked about fifteen miles. Because they went down Whitney portal 
and came up Trail pass.  Rehiking fifteen miles is not a small thing, 
even for thru-hikers.  Any advice is appreciated.

Thanks, and hope to see you on the trail

Beth Murdock, Portland,OR
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