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[pct-l] Re: pct-l-digest V1 #354

How many people did the PCT in 97. No one knows, or will ever know. We
can discuss and speculate until the cows come home. I know of at least 3
people who did,nt sighn the register at Manning park. The ranger station
was closed.
 I was one of the last people to leave Idyllwild this year...or so i
thought..until as i was leaving 5 more hikers came in..and they said
there were more behind them. These people and me were a week behind the
last significant group and i never heard from them again..
I also know of many hikers who had no permits.
The lack info about who did and is doing this trail is refreshing, i
In a society full of numbers and computers and statistics and data and
percentages and
all that .. i did the PCT to escape all that.
Hello Bob and Jeremy and Andyman.
Myles Murphy.

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