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[pct-l] Northbound headcount?

It seems new faces are popping up with increasing frequency around here,
all generally smiling and declaring their intentions to head north from
Campo in a few months.  Which brings to mind the question:
How many of us are there?  Anyone keeping a running tally?  
Gentle Ben's data book lists stats on Northbound thru-hike attempts
(actually ALL attempts, N or S, I think) for years '94-'96.  They went
up by 25% during that time (75 to 100 ppl).  However, he doesn't include
this past year's info.  Perhaps if anyone has that figure, we could make
a best guess for '98.  
A PCT mailing list headcount might be useful in figuring this out, or
perhaps not.  But its worth a check?  My intuition tells me that the
majority of (maybe 60-70%) of thru-hiker wanna-be's are wired to the
internet, and have likely found this site, or will, before May.  If no
one comes forth with a list headcount, maybe folks could reply to this
note with a simple "Present and accounted for" to facilitate better
- Blister>Free, present and accounted for, '98

... (sorry, 75 to 100 people represents a 33% increase, right?)
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