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[pct-l] re: http://www.395.com

Charlie provided some much needed answers regarding the JMT. Thanks! However,
 the site,  http://www.395.com although informative, has been a real thorn 
in my side, ever since I logged onto it about a year ago. The site designer 
(at hairy.net) sends spam mail regarding his "affordable Web site 
solutions". I wrote back to have my name removed from his list. He didn't 
remove it. I called, and he was the epitome of a self-serving spammer who 
sees no problem in sending junk mai via the internet. Avoid this site if you 
don't want to get spam mail and please pass the word. Until we find out who 
his ISP is, my retaliation will be replying a 1 gigabyte attachment. Its 
unfortunate that there's someone like that behind a fairly decent site.

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