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Re: [pct-l] JMT/Whitney Quota

In a message dated 98-01-08 08:31:05 EST, kmarlow@ngs.org writes:

<< I'm intending to rehike the length of the JMT this summer, from north to
south. The last time I did this thru-hike was back in '77. Since that time
it, as I'm sure many of you know, the difficulties have escalated in
attempting to get a permit for the Mt. Whitney one. I've gone to three web
sites: PCTA,Yosemite Interpretive Assn. and the Wilderness Reservation System.
Somewhere in there it was mentioned that I would need a separate permit for
the Whitney Zone. The Wilderness Reservation site, states that overnight
permits are limited to 50 per day and that, with the popularity of the summit,
there's an 8:1 chance of not getting a permit. 

My questions are:  

What is the permit issues for west side entry? If one is attempting to
complete the southbound JMT, would they be turned-away from standing on the
summit or turned away at Crabtree Mdw. for that matter? Is an overnight camp
on the summit still allowed? Would I be turned-away from an overnight camp in
the Whitney Zone if my through hike resulted in arriving a day late to this
area?  >>

If you are beginning your JMT hike in Yosemite Valley, you must request your
permit from Yosemite National Park. They can attach the Whitney Zone stamp to
your permit. When the Whitney Zone stamp is issued there or by the PCTA, the
quota system does not apply. 

I can't address the overnight camp on the summit issue. Your Whitney Zone
stamp is still good even if you arrive a "reasonable period of time" off your
original schedule. Get the permit; we were checked 4-5 times on our trip
(once within the last 3 miles before Whitney Portal).

Here's one more website to check for info:



Charlie Jones
JMT '96
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