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[pct-l] JMT/Whitney Quota

I'm intending to rehike the length of the JMT this summer, from north to 
south. The last time I did this thru-hike was back in '77. Since that time 
it, as I'm sure many of you know, the difficulties have escalated in 
attempting to get a permit for the Mt. Whitney one. I've gone to three web 
sites: PCTA,Yosemite Interpretive Assn. and the Wilderness Reservation 
System. Somewhere in there it was mentioned that I would need a separate 
permit for the Whitney Zone. The Wilderness Reservation site, states that 
overnight permits are limited to 50 per day and that, with the popularity of 
the summit, there's an 8:1 chance of not getting a permit. My questions are: 
What is the permit issues for west side entry? If one is attempting to 
complete the southbound JMT, would they be turned-away from standing on the 
summit or turned away at Crabtree Mdw. for that matter? Is an overnight camp 
on the summit still allowed? Would I be turned-away from an overnight camp 
in the Whitney Zone if my through hike resulted in arriving a day late to 
this area?

Ken A. Marlow, GIS Analyst
National Geographic Maps (NGMaps)
email: kmarlow@ngs.org
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