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[pct-l] RE: Backpacks

Steve, I've been looking for a lightweight external frame to replace my 25
year-old Kelty pack also.  Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find
anything.  All of the better-fitting external frame packs seem to weigh in
excess of 6 pounds.  Some, like the K2 and the gregory Evolution, weigh
well over 7 lbs!.  The cheaper ones, like the CampTrails externals, have
poorly-fitting backbands.  The backbands are so cheap and flimsy that there
is no way you can make them tight.  You can't keep the frame from rubbing
against your back (unless you stuff a shirt or something in there).  My
advice is to keep your old Kelty frame and either make or have someone make
for you a new bag out of lightweight nylon.  The stuff they use today is
overkill and way too heavy (in my opinion).

My old Kelty and Alp Sport bag weigh 4lb, 12 oz.  It weighs 4 oz. less if I
remove the extender bar.  I think I could knock another 4-6 ounces off of
it if I had a new bag made of lightweight nylon.  My backband is the old
drawcord style.  My backband is drum tight!

If you ever want to get rid of that old Kelty frame, especially the old
Kelty frame backband, let me know!

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