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Re: [pct-l] Information on using hiking poles

A few things not yet mentioned about poles,...
In addition to helping out while hiking hills, up and down, crossing streams
and fending off animals, they also help out with pushing away brush, poison
ivy/oak, and you can set up a tarp nearly anywhere, without relying on trees.
It was especially nice to have the telescoping poles for this use.
About the telescoping poles.
While crossing Silver Pass in the sierras, I threw my poles on my pack and
switched to my axe. After going the wrong direction thanks to other footprints
that went the wrong way, as well, A section of the poll, with the tip, fell
out and was lost. So I went from 2 poles to one in an instant. Once I went
lighter after Tahoe, one poll was fine. At Mt. Adams the other poll was
returned and I was happy to have both for the wet, yucky brush of washington,
covering slippery rocks and such.
If you want to go ultralight and use poles, just use used, cheap X-country ski
poles. Nothing's lighter, with that good of a tip, either.
Jeremy Wilson
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