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Re: [pct-l] Information on using hiking poles

In the past I had used a single ski pole for hiking.  When Bug and I prepared 
for last years trip we opted not to start with them, and only use them in the 
Sierras.  At Lone Pine we each pickied up a pair of Poles.  Bug got brand new 
Leki Trekking Poles, I got my old well worn Edelrid set.  My tips wore out 
before the end of the Sierras and my wife couldn't find replacement tips so I 
also got a pair of Leki's.  These poles helped us maintain a steady hiking flow,
were invaluable in fording the many streams, and eased knee stress on steep 
downhills.  We ended up hiking with our "sticks" all the way to Canada.  There 
were times when we did just carry them, but usually not for long.  During the 
rains in OR and WA we hiked with umbrellas and we tucked the  "sticks" between 
the shoulder straps and a strap on the pack for ready access when we didn't need
the umbrella.  I really liked the poles, and felt that I did gain some upper 
body benefits from using them.

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