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[pct-l] Re: pct-l-digest V1 #347

John --  Re snow in the Sierra --

     Spring snow in the Sierra is at least a big chore to deal with and can be
dangerous.  But if you're not going to do the Sierra, why do the PCT at all?
For many (I suspect most) it's the heart and soul of the trip.  If you hit
Kennedy Meadows around mid June in a normal year like '97, you shouldn't have
serious problems with the snow.  

     That doesn't mean there won't be any.  But snowshoes aren't needed.  Snow
at that time of year is mostly in the passes.  There is danger of a fall on
steep slopes.  Know how to self-arrest.  Other than that, it just means slower
going and sometimes confusion about where the trail is.  You can't count on
making twenty mile days.  

     Early season hiking in the high country obviously increases your chances
of running into bad weather or other problems.  Postholing is a lot of work,
snowshoes are too heavy, and crossing streams on snowbridges is an invitation
to disaster.  Avalanches are a risk in some areas.  While I enjoy snowcamping,
it just doesn't seem practical to through-hike in these conditions.
Everything in its season ---  TrailDad


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