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[pct-l] Cold weather camping

Hi Glen,
    The coldest temperatures you'll likely see on the PCT during
the summer are in the Sierra.  Clear nights can be in the teens
but usually are no worse than the 20's.  This will not be a problem
for most people, unless there's a snow storm.  Then wind and
tough travel conditions are as bad as the cold itself.
    What most people don't realize is that cold WET weather is the
worse danger.  Hypothermia can occur with temperatures in the 60s!
Every PCT thru hiker should be prepared to survive in 30 degree rain
In Oregon and Washington especially, this is quite possible.  The
keys to staying warm in these conditions are:  No cotton!  No down
bags.  (They WILL get wet after days of rain.)  Eat plenty of food.
Stay as dry as possible.  Wear all your clothes in bed, if necessary,
to stay warm.  Don't get dehydrated.  It's harder to remember to drink
lots of water when you and the water are cold, but
your body is more efficient when hydrated.  You'll hike better
AND you'll stay warmer.
    Another "trick" is to heat a Nalgene bottle of water after
dinner and use it as a hot water bottle inside your bag.  Ahhh!

Brian Robinson

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As a newcomer to hiking/backpacking I have a question for some of you
who have years of experience on the trail.
How do you sleep comfortably in cold weather, and I am basically
referring to temperatures in the 15-25 degree range.


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