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[pct-l] re: cold weather camping

Glen writes:

How do you sleep comfortably in cold weather, and I am basically 
referring to temperatures in the 15-25 degree range.

I don't know if this is much help, but having a bag that rated at or below 
those temps. Often I'll wear a pile equivalent of a wool cap (to keep the 
itchies down) a pile jacket and gloves, so that I can have my arms extended 
outside the confines of a mummy bag. If you can tolerate the cramped 
quarters you could avoid wearing this extra clothing. Most backpack trips 
are taken with my wife, so we zip our bags together, share the heat, and are 
able to stretch out more. If your sleeping pad is of the 3/4 length variety 
put extra clothing, or your internal frame pack under the bag at your feet. 
A tent always helps, as well as a warm meal before retiring. Getting some 
sugar in your system just before retiring, I'm told, can help keep you a bit 
warmer. If your on snow, double-up on the pads. A ThermoRest coupled with a 
standard closed-cell (Ensolite) pad, or two closed-cell pads.

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