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[pct-l] Permits

As far as permits go, this would be my best advise, which I in turn got
from the PCTA. Simply forget about getting an entry permit into Canada. The
crossing is out in the middle of nowhere and even when you get to Manning
there isn't anyone that's going to check as you are far from any official
crossing. When you cross back into the States as long as you are an
American citizen you should have nothing to worry about.

Wilderness permits are obtained through the PCTA, good for the whole trail.
If you are a member they are free, otherwise $6.50 I think. I saw and
talked to several rangers during my hike and never was I asked for my
permit. One said that they usually just give through hikers "the nod of
respect". (I guess we stick out like a sore thumb among all the
weekenders.) Still, it is well worth having one just to save yourself five
months of paranoia!

On the question about snowshoes, I would have to venture to say that they
would prove unnecessary. The snow is hardpack for the most part or else
steep. The few times I did posthole would not have justified carrying
several extra pounds for two hundred miles. However Rob of Loxsly injured
his groin muscle postholing but I don't know the details. Also Gywn Judd
(Fudd) saved himself with his ice ax after slipping down the chute on
Forester Pass so having one is good idea even if you won't use it often.
Get a light ax since you'll carry it on your pack most of the time.

Class of 1998, your year has arrived. Have fun!


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