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[pct-l] Permits for Canada

Ray Jardine explains a fairly complicated method for handling the Canadian
Permit issue for northbound thru-hikers:
You should request the form in the planning stages, fill it out, and put it
in a resupply box to be received at a point two months prior to your arrival
at Manning Park.  From there, send it to the Canadian authorities and have
them send the stamped permit to Snoqualmie, where you would then take it
with you into Canada.
Is this Ray's approaching mainly because he assumes most hikers wouldn't have
a reliable resupply person at the homebase?
Could I just do this...
Ask for the permit now.  Fill it out, here at home, and send it right back to
them.  Have them send it back here to my home.  Then instruct my homebase
helper to place it into my Snoqualmie maildrop before that's sealed up and
shipped out.
Is there some rhyme or reason to waiting until 2 months before arriving in
Canada before sending Canada the request form???
- Blister>Free
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