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[pct-l] Re: pct-l-digest V1 #346

What is it about the Sierra snow that discourages folks from traversing long
stretches of it during a thru-hike?  Is it postholing, sleeping on snow,
exposed steep snow pitches, avy danger, or what?  

I would like to avoid skipping the Sierra in '98.  For example, I would like
to have snowshoes waiting in my parcel at Kennedy Meadows if I need them,
rather than scrambling around with a Campmor catalog at the last miniute.

Any thoughts?


At 12:00 AM 1/4/98 -0600, Craig Giffen <cgiffen@teleport.com> wrote:
>Another thing to consider about the Sierras is the amount of snow that fell
>the previous winter.  It seems like most hikers don't consider snowtravel in
>the Sierras, since it is usually only on the passes.  Sometimes though, it
>can be a differenct story.  I remember Brick Robbins posting about his hike
>through the Sierras when the snowpack was %205 of normal that year, and it
>being a tough experience.  Usually when the snow is this bad, most
>thru-hikers put off their hike for a year (which is why there were only 1 or
>2? thru-hikers in 1995).

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