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Re: [pct-l] Titanium

You can contact Simons Metals Co at 888-638-2599.  Backpacker 2/98 
says titanium stakes are 7" long, six weigh 2.5 oz, cost $13.95.  
(Anyone know how much they *really* weigh?)

BTW, Easton tent pegs are an option with more surface area.  Mountain 
Hardware charges $12 for 4, and says they weigh .3 oz each (I got 
mine at REI, on my scale six weigh 2.9 oz).


>Also, does anyone know where I can buy titanium tent stakes.  The 
>red Kelty Nobendium Forever Tent Stakes are a second choice from REI 
>On Line.  Thanks, Switchbak
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