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[pct-l] PCT Planning program

Though it was kindly reposted, here is the URL for the PCT Planner


I've added Sonora Pass at a resupply option.  I am told that Kennedy Meadows
Resort (the one off of Sonora Pass, not near Mt. Whitney).  I am told they
have room rental, showers, good food.  Does anyone know if the accept
resupply parcels?

In a few days the program will give you the option to hike fewer hours
during the first X amount of days on your trip.  I'm also working on an
option to display your hike as a cross section graph.  (Similar to the ones
I was selling last year or the ones that Ben Go made available through the
PCTA; except only your selected hike will be graphed).  The cross section
graphs are interesting to look at.   I have a 6 foot long cross section of
the PCT on my wall, it makes for a great conversation piece.  The place that
catches everyones eye is the drop from San Jacinto to I-10 and back to Big
Bear City.  

Stay tuned and thanks for the questions and comments...

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