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[pct-l] titanium pot

I've read the brief discussion on the titanium pots. I've been using an old 
MSR aluminum pot with the black painted sides. Even when new, the lid never 
fit very well. My guess is that any benefits of decreased boil time as a 
result of the dark painted sides, were lost due to the ill-fitting lid. 
Given several years occasional use and a thru-hike's constant use, I may 
just be ready to retire this pot. I've read the list's discussion on the 
possible health risk  issues associated with aluminum. I wonder if the boil 
times are any faster with a comparable sized titanium pot, than that of the 
black painted aluminum pot? Is it my imagination or is there a coating on 
the titanium pots? Will this wear off quickly when scraping stuck food off 
the inside of the pot? Any health concerns associated with this type of 
metal? I've heard that the handles on these new pots are essentially a 
waste. They appear to come off easily enough though.

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