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[pct-l] Re: pct-l-digest V1 #340

pct-l-digest wrote:
> pct-l-digest         Monday, December 29 1997         Volume 01 : Number 340
> In this issue:

You are right about Coleman fuel being fairly easy to come by.  Take a
good look at your trail plans and mark the locations that pass by or
through Car Camping areas.  I was able to refill my fuel by asking to
buy a pint or two when I met car campers.  In most cases they would give
it to me and were interested to learn about hiking the PCT.  Good will
goes along ways!!!  I found that white gas was the best because it was
there for the asking.

Happy Trails and happy new year,    Mikel

     [pct-l] Fuel resupply
>     Re: [pct-l] Fuel resupply
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> Date: Sun, 28 Dec 1997 12:17:23 -0500 (EST)
> From: BLISTERFREE@delphi.com
> Subject: [pct-l] Fuel resupply
> I think I recall being informed awhile back that Coleman fuel is fairly easy
> to come by for northbound thru-hikers, but I wonder if anyone can provide
> details?  What common resupply points, perhaps, are lacking in fuel?
> Having the Whisperlite International (multi-fuel) stove - I guess we could
> expand the question to entail auto gas and kerosense, as well.
> In general, at least, would a 22-ounce fuel bottle (topped-off) be most
> appropriate for someone planning to use it for 5-10 minutes/day?  Or could
> I get away with the smaller and lighter 11-ounce bottle?
> - ---
> While both the Handbook and guidebooks are terrific source of info, so far as
> I've been able to tell, they mention next to nothing about this subject.
> "Gentle Ben"'s data book would have been a great place to bridge this gap in
> "useful hiker info," a la the A.T. Data Book.
> Thanks!
> - - Blister>Free, AT '96-'97, PCT '98
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> Date: Sun, 28 Dec 1997 15:53:31 EST
> From: JWilsonVW <JWilsonVW@aol.com>
> Subject: Re: [pct-l] Fuel resupply
> Blisterfree, I hope your name will hold true for you on the PCT next summer.
> Some of us weren't so lucky! I hiked the trail this past summer, northbound. I
> hope I can help you and all the rest out there. BTW I'm still sorting through
> my 1,500 slide images of the trail today, wow!
> If you're going solo, the 11 ounce bottle will probably do fine. but it does
> matter if you're just bringing water and meal to a boil, or cooking it for
> awhile. I had the 22 ounce bottle and dreaded carrying it when it was full.
> The towns were so frequently stocked with fuel, usually available in a hiker
> box, too, that the smaller bottle would be perfect. I started with the
> international, and never once worried about running out or having to rely on
> auto fuel or kerosene. At Tahoe, however, i switched to the Trangia Westwind
> alcohol stove, then later, at the gorge, I made my own. It was only 3 ounces
> with bic lighter, pot stand and burner and extinguisher, oh and p-51 can
> opener, plastic pot scraper and the stuff sack it was all carried in. If you
> do try this route, denatured alcohol burns the best, though isopropyl will
> burn, but slowly, very slowly. You can find it in drug stores and hardware
> stores. It's considerably cheaper by the pint in hardware stores. From Tahoe
> north i never had to carry more than 8 ounces of fuel in a small, squirt top
> nalgene bottle.
> Back to your trail, it'll be important to figure out what you'll be doing in
> the sierras, pushing through, or dropping out. From Kennedy Meadows north (if
> Meadow Ed is out n' about he'll have fuel for you there), you have numerous
> options. You can pull out at Whitney Portal, Kearsarge Pass, Benson Pass and
> others to get to towns on the east side of the sierras(though be prepared for
> a long trudge back UP in to the high sierra). And they all have fuel. Or you
> can continue straight to Vermillion Valley Resort at Lake Edison, Red's
> Meadow, or all the way to Tuolumne Meadows. Your pack will be huge but you
> don't have to waste the time to drop out as far. It seemed to be split 50/50
> on those that pushed and those that dropped. Everyone was happy. It's nice
> though to have the option to drop if food/weather changes your plans!
> Hope this helps and have fun planning.
> HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL OUT THERE!-esp. class of '97
> Jeremy Wilson
> PCT-'97
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