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[pct-l] Fuel resupply

I think I recall being informed awhile back that Coleman fuel is fairly easy
to come by for northbound thru-hikers, but I wonder if anyone can provide
details?  What common resupply points, perhaps, are lacking in fuel?  
Having the Whisperlite International (multi-fuel) stove - I guess we could
expand the question to entail auto gas and kerosense, as well.
In general, at least, would a 22-ounce fuel bottle (topped-off) be most
appropriate for someone planning to use it for 5-10 minutes/day?  Or could
I get away with the smaller and lighter 11-ounce bottle?
While both the Handbook and guidebooks are terrific source of info, so far as
I've been able to tell, they mention next to nothing about this subject.
"Gentle Ben"'s data book would have been a great place to bridge this gap in
"useful hiker info," a la the A.T. Data Book.
- Blister>Free, AT '96-'97, PCT '98
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