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[pct-l] Re: pct-l-digest V1 #338

Dave Gomberg wrote:

> With an external frame and homemade sack, you can distribute the weight
> you wish.  I will be sure to keep the bottom of the sack fairly shallow
> that it won't hold a ton of weight.

That's the way my old Alp Sport bag is constructed.  Wide at the top,
narrow at the bottom.

> The factories understand this problem well.  The solution  is a good back
> band and something to keep the load off of it.  I am planning a nylon net
> back band and curved horizontal tubes to keep the load away from it.

I think this will be tough to deal with.  I've always had a problem finding
a good, stiff backband.  I continue to use the 25-year old nylon backband
that came with my olk Kelty frame.  It's the kind that has a nylon cord
running from side to side.  You have to pull it to tighten it.  However, my
backband is as tight as a drum.
> At three pounds and $78 I can understand why you did not use a bear can. 
> hope to introduce one in 1998 that weighs one pound and costs $25.   Stay
> tuned.

I'll be interested in hearing more about this, too.

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