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[pct-l] my two cents

Concerning the now almost talked to death issue of food, Bob write:
"Instead of sending out some 25+ resupply parcels plan 
on resupplying along the way and sending parcels ahead when convienient.  The 
easiest/convenient places to resupply on the trail are at Idyllwild, Big Bear, 
Wrightwood, Tehachapi, Tahoe, Burney (not Burney Falls!), Dunsmuir, Etna, 
Ashland, Cascade Locks.  From Idyllwild to Tehachapi I wouldn't bother with a 
mailed parcel, unless its supplies you wouldn't expect to find in town."

I feel opposite.  When on the trail I want to hike, not try to plan out my
menus. I was quite happy to dive into my food and take a longer shower than
wonder eisles looking for things.  Usually I was overwhelmed when doing so.

Also, you are more inclined to spend more along the way than if you shop for
bulk or specialty stores before hand.  In addition, it seems to me you have
to have a pretty flexible diet to shop on the way.  For those who so
meticulously count calories this just adds to the labor.  If you are vegan
or still try to eat more healthy meals (high caloric, less saturated fat and
junk foods) stores along the way make it more difficult as well.

One thing we didn't do (and wish we has) that others did was to take a few
days off in Ashland Oregon and resupply for the last two states.  This
prevents food from staling, you know what your likes and dislikes are and
are not stuck with what you guessed you would still be liking.

My last thought is figuring out the whole specific caloric intake is a waste
of time.  Too many factors (weather, terrain, pack weight, metabolism,
digestive properties of foods) make it too variable.  I agree with the
(roughly) two pounds of food/day/person, of which foods highest in calories,
efficiency, and palatabiltiy (the others do nothing if you don't want to eat
it (i.e. power porridge and corn pasta) are worth taking.  Some days you may
go hungry (but you'll NEVER starve) and others you may have extra (for which
you will make friends with other hikers)

dan & sara rufner  PCT 96

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