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[pct-l] corn pasta/bears

   Hi! Was following the "corn pasta" thread & noticed the statement
"you'll find big holes full of it" [along the trail]. Honest, I realize
the point was to emphasize how unpalatable some folks find c.p., but I
thought this might be a good time to remind everybody about bears.
   While now, in the planning stages, it's understandable to be primarily
concerned with your "performance" on the PCT, please remember when you're
out there that the thru-hike is still a visit to the backcountry. Among
many other wilderness etiquette guidelines, that means no burying,
dumping, whatever, any edibles (cooked or otherwise) when you are out
there - no matter how full you are or how nasty something tastes. Pack it
in, pack it _all_ out, right? Protect animals from your food 24 hours a
day, no matter how inconvenient it seems sometimes.
    Even if you feel good backcountry practices might jeopardize the
completion of your trip, you know you have to Do The Right Thing...      
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