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RE: [pct-l] more questions!?!


Determining food values is sometimes difficult. Fortunately there are some 
online sources of nutrition information. The USDA Nutrient Database for 
Standard Reference is an online database of some 5600 food items that you 
can search. It contains complete information including calories (from 
protein, carb's or fat),  vitamins,


For example the following is the nutrition information on 1 cup of boiled 
rice. It's probably more info than you want, but it's complete.
Rice, white, long-grain, parboiled, dry, enriched NDB No: 20046

Nutrient 	Units 	Value per 100 g,[NL]edible portion 	N 	SE
Water 	g 	10.160 	8 	.581
Energy 	kcal 	371.000 	0 	0.000
Energy 	kj 	1552.000 	0 	0.000
Protein 	g 	6.790 	9 	.187