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[pct-l] re: umbrellas

I had read various opionions on Jardine's use of an umbrella. I grew-up in 
Southern California backpacking with a group of men who all made their own 
custom gear, be it tents, packs or whatever. None where afraid to try new 
ideas. In one case, it was profitable, as one individual started-up (and 
later sold) Adventure 16 Outfitters, with his popular hip-hugger backpack 
(the precursor to the older Jansport frame pack designs).
    One individual for years had used an umbrella. His had the vertical 
shaft shortened and rigged in a manner that could be attached to a modified 
lightweight camera tripod swivel mount, attached to the frame of his pack. 
His later purchase of a Gregory internal frame pack didn't stop the use of 
the umbrella, as he found a way to attach to the aluminum stays. He used the 
umbrella to shade him from the sun on our desert hikes, and afford 
protection from rain in the Sierra and local mountains. It looked odd, but 
now that I'm living in an area that gets a lot of rain, everytime I pull-out 
my umbrella on the way to work, I'm reminded that he and Jardine were onto 
   As Jardine mentioned, there are times when an umbrella won't work. Having 
just finished Jardine's book, I'm dashing out and buying one to modify. I 
came across a Totes umbrella in Forest green that matches my pack! 

Ken Marlow
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