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[pct-l] Re: pct-l-digest V1 #333

At 12:00 AM 12/22/1997 -0600, Sasha wrote:
>If I can't figure out how many cals in the food, and how many cals I'll 
>need on the trail, how am I supposed to figure this out?
>Am totally on the wrong track? Is there an easier way to figure out how 
>much food to pack?!?!

Sasha, I have the same problem and I figured it this way.  I use 1600 Kcal
a day walking 6 miles with pack.  So at 18 miles per day, I figure another
800 calories.  Then I add 400 calories for the altitude and 800 for the
hills (remember what goes up must come down).  So that comes out 3600 Kcal
per day which feels about right.

Now on the income side, carbos and protein is about 3.5-4 Kcal per gram,
fat is closer to 9 Kcal per gram.  Water and undigestible stuff (fiber) is
zero.  Trail mix works out about 5-7 Kcal per gram depending on how much
nuts and chocolate (fat) is in it.  I would guess freeze dried food is
probably about 5 Kcal per gram.  So it is all pretty easy.  My 3600 Kcal
per day is about 1 Kg (2.2 pounds) of food.  Unless I add a lot more fat
(probably olive oil) to reduce the weight, then it could get closer
to 700g.  

Does that help?  
Dave Gomberg				gomberg@wcf.com
FormMaestro					http://www.wcf.com
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