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[pct-l] re: Bricks request

Brick's request for PCT thru-hiking and planning. Here's a brief few:

Purchase the two Volumes of PCT guidebooks by Wilderness Press.

Using these books, start planing for the trip at least one year in advance, 
establishing a personal itinerary of resupply points, as well as planned 
mileage and campsites for each day of the trip.

Designate a responsible person to mail your prepackaged food on supplied 
dates. Provide this person with your itinerary, maps and emergency numbers 
(local sherrifs, Park Service, and Search & Rescue contacts, along the 
trail). Include a description of the clothing you will be wearing, pack and 
tent style and colors, and boot(s) print. Make your boot print unique, by 
cutting a lug-off and indicating this modification on the xerox of your 

Prepare a comprehensive first-aid kit, that also includes equipment repair 
materials and signaling device. Know how to use them.

Stay updated and gain knowledge from previous thru-hikers by logging onto 
the PCTA web site and this subscription.

Be flexible, changing plans if necessary, due to inclement weather. Even if 
this means postponing your thru-hike for another year.
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