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[pct-l] PCT Planning Program online

I have written a PCT planning program that runs off of my website.  This
should help any prospective thru or section PCT hiker in planning their trip.  

This is my first web-based program I have written of any large caliber.
Writing this program was time consuming, but it was pretty fun for the most
part.  Brick Robbins gave me the idea this past July about writing this,
because he isn't one to have large amounts of extra time on his hands. (like
answering Perl CGI questions) :) 

This program should help in taking the guesswork out of where and when to
resupply on the PCT.  Resupply names, distances, average miles per day,
arrival dates, resupply notes, elevation gain, post office addresses,
etc....they are all in there.  

The initial results from the people I've showed it to have been very
positive.  Please email me at cgiffen@teleport.com if you have any questions
and/or suggestions concerning the program.