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[pct-l] Re: GIARDIASIS

Brick writes about cases in which human carriers of giardia are basically
asymptomatic.  Someone else earlier wrote about the many people living in
third-world countries who drink untreated water and whose bodies "must" have
learned to either fight or live with giardia.

Thinking evolutionarily, it is obviously "better" for giardia to have at
least some asymptomatic hosts, who can go around spreading the disease for a
long, long time.  Thinking about the third-world, remember that many babies
and young children die and that the most common cause of death is
dehydration, due to diarhea.  Those giardia is going to kill die early in
the third world; those who live through their first five years probably are
carriers, with systems that. to a greater or lesser extent, can handle the


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