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Dr Shiffron, you wrote:

" ...Medical science, in fact, knows of NO cases of resistance to

But the following excerpt from a CDC document found at
http://io.datasys.swri.edu/wisdom/Panel_09_Water.html on the web seems to
disagree, or at least indicates that giardiasis may remain asymtomatic.
Since I stopped treating backcountry water a couple of years ago, and have
no symptoms, what are the chances that I will suffer any long term problems
from a possible infection?

GIARDIASIS: By Dennis D. Juranek, Chief, Epidemiology Activity Parasitic
Diseases Branch Division of Parasitic Diseases Centers for Disease Control

"...Some people may have several of these symptoms without evidence of
diarrhea or have only sporadic episodes of diarrhea every 3 or 4 days.
Still others may not have any symptoms at all. Therefore, the problem may
not be whether you are infected with the parasite or not, but how
harmoniously you both can live together, or how to get rid of the parasite
(either spontaneously or by treatment) when the harmony does not exist or
is lost...."

Also what about cryptosporidiosis?

"Centers for Disease Control and Prevention National
Center for Infectious Diseases Division of Parasitic Diseases June 1995"

from the same web page says:

"...No safe and effective cure is available for cryptosporidiosis. 

"People who have normal immune systems improve without taking antibiotic or
antiparasitic medications. ..."


Brick Robbins
San Diego, CA          

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