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Re: [pct-l] Water Purity in Washington State

I'd like to add support to Andyman's claim that the water ain't all that bad.  
We didn't routinely filter water after we hit the Sierras, we did selectively 
filter in N. CA,OR and WA. Most of the thru hikers wemet and hiked with 
eventually abandoned treating all of their water. I don't recall any of the long
distant hikers getting sich this year, and last year the only case (of giardia) 
I am aware of was contracted before the Sierras.  

There is a lot of information and conjecture about the civilized sterile gut, I 
tend to believe it.  Mexicans drink their water with no ill effects, but 
touristas beware, we aren't sensitized to the local bacteria/protozoa.

Bob of "Bob n Bug"
PCT 97

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