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[pct-l] Forwarded mail....

Date: Thu, 11 Dec 1997 00:34:58 -0800
From: Dave Gomberg <gomberg@wcf.com>
Subject: [pct-l] Horses?

I have heard charges that PCTA is equestrian dominated.  Is that so?
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Dave Gomberg				gomberg@wcf.com
FormMaestro					http://www.wcf.com

I don't know about the PCTA, but a couple of months ago this list had
many posts about horse and trail use. The basic gist was that some
were for and some were against, and that people seem to accept horses
because their riders do trail maintenance, have a strong lobbying
presence, and that all trail users should be united.

I found this list after seeing extensive damage done by horses along
the pct in the Tahoe area and points north, and wanting to see if I
was the only one that was upset by this. At one point near the north
edge of desolation wilderness by Richardson lake there were holes 6-8
inches deep in a soft portion of the trail that were the result of
horses going through. I filled the holes in(I wasn't heavy enough to
sink in the soil), but was dismayed to find that 1 week later horses
had been back through the area and done the same damage.  Another
section of trail, aprox 10- 15 miles north of I-80 on an open slope
that is relatively steep with a few switchbacks, had hoof size divots
all the way up that turned in to nice gooey mud holes during an
afternoon rain shower. This turned a nice smooth climb in to a
technical and potentially dangerous one. I could go one but I have
already written enough!

I know and am glad that PCTA goes to great lengths to maintain the
trail ect., but WILL NOT support them with my money(what little I
have) because of the fact that equestrian is included in their mission
statement. How could an organization be so inefficient as to damage
the same trail they work so hard to fix. Seems kind of hypocritical
dosen't it? Next thing you know the IMBA(int. mnt. bike ass.) is going
to want access? How can we argue with them? They damage the trail, but
hey they do maintenance and are well organized? Sounds kind of
familiar dosen't it? Oh well thats my 2 cents(actually turned out to
be a couple of dollars :) on whether the PCTA is equestrian dominated!


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