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[pct-l] Giardhia

O.K., so it has always been around?  So why is it apparently more common
now than it was, say 20 years ago?  I walked thru in '77, filtered
nothing, only iodined and boiled only once (well actually twice but in
the same location on the same water because cow pies were floating in the
water!) and only got diarhia for two days in Nth Calif. drinking out of
drought lowered reservoirs.  So were my two days of the runs from
giardhia?  Do the symptoms/effects last longer in some than others?  If
rats and beaver and marmots carry it and not horses than why did I get
sick from drinking out of a reservoir where none of those critters
abounded and lots of horses did?  Is it concentrated in lakes,
reservoirs, etc?  Then is it safer to drink from a high mountain stream
than a crystal clear lake?  How about a giardhia test for water, or even
a light weight plastic microscope to check out the little things that
you're about to ingest with a guide to the microscopic bad guys?

I really like hearing from the MD's regarding this as it is clear that
there is alot of bad information being spread.  I raise my voice to call
for greater funding to support more study of this most pestering problem
for recreationists!  

<bold><italic><color><param>ffff,0000,0000</param>Bio-engineers of the
world unite to rid this world of this ugly bastard!

</color></italic></bold>Greg "Strider" Hummel
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