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[pct-l] Iodine

I carried a PUR Hiker filter on my thru-hike in '96, AND I always carried a
bottle of iodine tablets.  Reasons:

1) Filters break sometimes.  In So. Cal in '96 my Katadyn blew up, so I
picked up the pieces and ordered a PUR at the next telephone I got to.  I
used iodine until I received the new filter.  Actually, another thru-hiker
that year broke his PUR Hiker.  Later, he got the "bug".

2) In some really gross water sources I don't trust filtration only.  In '95
I needed water from the "cow-piss spring" along Butterbredt Canyon Rd. in
the Piutes.  I'm glad I treated my filtered water with iodine because that
water was so bad I wouldn't take any chances with it.  

3) The extra iodine tablets can be traded for food, supplies, etc. 

I occasionally use iodine for short trips, but I would never consider it on
a long extended hike.  

Roger Carpenter

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