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[pct-l] horse crap

BLISTERFREE@delphi.com wrote
>A smart idea?  Probably not.  I will certainly be filtering as I head out
>the PCT this spring, and handling the camp water with care.  But it would
>sense, even feel right spiritually, that one could adapt to the conditions
>occurring naturally in a world we, as all other creatures still, were once
>born into.

I agree with blisterfree about this one. I quit filtering my water after
the second time I got Giardia and didn't treat it with drugs. My symptoms
are mild, and I now know what they are. I'm one of the ones who aren't
bothered that much by the bug. From what I've read, the majority of folks
who contract Giardia have mild or no symptoms, though some folks are laid

>Of course, horse crap in the water couldn't be considered "natural."

Interestingly, I read some veterinary journal artilces worrying about
Giardia and Crypto in horses and cows regarding whether to worry about
keeping the livestock healthy. Vets were advised that a large number of
animals were tested in after being given infected water, and no infection
was found in adult animals. Conclusion: adult horses and cows do not
propigate Giardia and Crypto. Unfortunately, beavers, marmots and rats do.
Are they "natural?"

Everyone seems sooooo woried about horses. After you get back from the
trip, tell me what you think of COW crap in the water sources.
Brick Robbins
San Diego, CA          

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