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Many years ago when giadria was not a problem my husband and I drank
from all the streams.  Well, that ended when we both picked up the
giadria bug (but at different times).  We started to treat our water by
the "solution made with iodine crystals" method.  This has worked for us
for many years.  It's also the method we used when we trekked in Nepal
for six weeks.  Neither one of us got sick and if it works in Nepal it
should work anywhere.  We would have been poisoned long ago if that were
a problem.  I don't even notice the taste, Gene says he can tell it's
there but it doesn't bother him.  If it tastes really bad to you you're
probably using way too much iodine.  Gene is a chemist so would be more
awaare than most about hazards.  We also now own a water filter but
rarely use it as we find it rather inconvenient.
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