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[pct-l] Water Purity in Washington State

Andyman wrote

>As a matter of fact I didn't carry my filter again until Oregon where 
are some stretches where water must be obtained from stagnant ponds
(because you are on the crest). I don't think I ever purified my 
through Washington and never was sick the whole way. However, bring a
bottle of iodine tablets along for insurance in case you do hit a
questionable source.<

In my opinion, Andyman got pretty lucky.  I live in Seattle and do a 
lot of hiking in the Cascades and Olympic Mountains.  EVERYONE I know 
purifies their water.  I know of at least one friend (a former Eagle 
scout no less) who decided the water was okay and didn't purify it. 
 He ended up in the Emergency room at a local hospital.  We have a lot 
of 'coons around here.  They are notorious for carrying Giardia.  You 
are taking your chances if you don't purify your water.  My First Need 
water filter is the best weight investment I have.

Ted D. Williams
PCT Class of '98
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