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>I am seriously considering I2 (iodine) purification for a John Muir Trail
>trip (24 days or so).  The only input I have found about the downside of
>lots of iodine is a lethal dose is between 2 and 15 grams plus (I am
>planning on about 120mg of IODIDE over 30 days).  Does anyone have any
>other info on the effects of lots of iodide?
>- --
>Dave Gomberg

I would definitely recommend you saving the weight of a filter through the
Sierras. Through hikers might want iodine for the first few water sources
like the Kern River, Death Canyon Creek, and the horse camp springs up on
the ridge beyond that. But on the John Muir Trail you will encounter
nothing but the coldest, freshest water imaginable, quite a treat after
700+ miles of desert! I personally drank straight out of the multitude of
creeks without purifcation and seldom carried over a quart as water was
literally everywhere.

As a matter of fact I didn't carry my filter again until Oregon where there
are some stretches where water must be obtained from stagnant ponds
(because you are on the crest). I don't think I ever purified my water
through Washington and never was sick the whole way. However, bring a
bottle of iodine tablets along for insurance in case you do hit a
questionable source.

Through hikers will absolutely need to purify your water at almost at all
times before the Sierras. The least clogging filter seemd to be the Pur
Hiker and even then I recommend that you put a paper coffee filter over the
intake with a rubber band to prolong the life of the cartridge.

Scotty van Damme used a tiny bottle of household bleach and an eyedropper
and used a ratio of something like 1-3 drops a quart depending on how bad
it looked and claimed that it was better for you than iodine. (Jump in here
Scott, if you're reading this.) Sorry I can't answer your original question
about iodine toxicity but maybe this helps.


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