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[pct-l] A PCT Death

Sadly enough, the recent weather in Southern California has been cited in
the death of a local PCT dayhiker.  News accounts relate that apparently she
got hypothermic and disoriented...this in an area where the PCT crosses
several dirt roads in several places.  (Liebre Mtn in the western San

(Does anyone know the status of the woman thruhiker who was heading south?
The last I heard she was heading out of Kennedy Meadows, I think.....)
Kevin Corcoran
Palmdale CA
Taken from the LA Times:

        <SNIP> Tellez, a 40-year-old mother of five from Palmdale, was
                      reported missing Friday after she became separated
from a group
                      of hiking companions. Her body was discovered by
members of the
                      Sierra Madre Search and Rescue Team about 10:30 a.m.
on Liebre
                           She was found lying under a large oak tree about
20 feet off a
                      mountain road. 
                           "She looked very peaceful," said Capt. Rich Byrum
of the Santa
                      Clarita sheriff's station search and rescue team. "She
had put herself
                      under a tree and did what she could for protection." 
                           Sheriff's Sgt. Mike Parker said it appears that
Tellez died of
                      hypothermia, but the exact cause of her death will be
determined by
                      the Los Angeles County coroner's office. Authorities
said they have
                      not ruled out foul play. 
                           Tellez was last seen about 1:30 p.m. Friday after
cold, wet
                      weather prompted her to abandon a hike with three
                      She said she planned to head back down the mountain
because her
                      youngest son was expecting to be picked up from
school. Instead
                      of descending the mountain safely, Tellez apparently
                      disoriented by pounding rain. 

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