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Re: [pct-l] The Truth About El Nino

At 10:17 AM -0700 12/4/97, Tom Horton @ Horton/Fredrick Associates wrote:
>So far this season, snowfall amounts in the Sierra are nothing to shout
>about.  T today.  My observation over
>many years is that when a large high pressure area gets camped over the
>Great Basin in December, it can kill off the whole winter.  I wonder if that
>may be happening.


	Fact is EVERY city in Calif that has a "normal" rainfall recorded
	for it and thus an average over the last 50 or so years is NOW
	anywhere from 140% to 220% ABOVE average to date.

	Point: There is no "truth" about El Nino.  Snowfall in Sierra is
	normal to date.

	I hiked two days on PCT this last weekend- snowshoed in
	anywhere from 3-5 feet of soft powder with moderate moisture
	content.. snow depth higher of course @ 9500' and skimpy
	at 6500. But pretty well blanketed uniformly as far as I
	could see on a clear day (Sunday).

	Drought El Ninos only happen 1/10 El Ninos BTW.
	Watch and read the El Nino site that was published
 a while back. \
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