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[pct-l] Re: pct-l-digest V1 #315

At 12:00 AM 12/3/97 -0600, BlisterFree wrote:
>  Greeting fellow '98'rs.  I guess we're all chomping at that bit by now...
>any word if El Nino has provided the Sierra with abnormally high snow levels

...and 5 long months of waiting to go!    :-(

Brian Dickson and I have been talking a bit about strategies for the
anticipated high snow levels, and have basically concluded that shifting
into a dedicated "long-distance ultralight mountaineering" paradigm for the
appropriate stretch is, *to us*, preferable to roadwalking, flipflopping,
waiting, or "3-season backpacking" over it. 

I'm very curious what other folks have been thinking about how to manage the
allegedly vast snow efficiently and safely?  

Ok, so who has seen the article in the new Backpacker magazine re: RJ?  
I'll start with this -- yay!  RJ for the masses!  (as I don my asbestos
suit)   ;-)
Seriously, I am a bit concerned -- I work at an outdoor shop in Boston, and
I've learned that the enviable enthusiasm of the novice can be dangerous
when combined with half-understood ideas.  ("No, I'm sorry sir, Goretex is
*not* antiperspirant, a bivy sack is *not* the perfect tent substitute,
unleaded doesn't really burn very well in it, and "warm when wet", well...")
I've noticed that many of our customers take Backpacker and Outside
magazines as *gospel*, which is disturbing (as is any dogmaticism:
Jardinites, "standard backpacking method" adherents, etc)

Wow, aren't *I* cranky tonight.  That's what I get for working two %#$@!
jobs saving up for this hike!  ;-)  


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