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RE: [pct-l] High Sierra snow


I have been spending my summers hiking in the Sierra's since 1986.
During that time I have been caught in three blizzards, one in June,
July, and August.  Last year there were three big snow storms in late
May and early June.  In 1996, the year we did the PCT, there was a big
snow storm in Mid June.  What I am trying to say is that the Sierra's
can get snow any time of the year, and that snow storms are not that

Tim and Ann
The Ravens PCT '96

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> Greg,
>   OK, I'm curious.  That was a very rare storm.  Will you please share
> details
> such as when this happened (date), was it on your thru-hike, what you
> did after
> the storm (I assume your food was low) and what equipment (snowshoes,
> skis, if
> any; helicopter, perhaps) that you had.
>   The pyramid design for tents was originally developed by Roald
> Amundsen as it
> not only held up to heavy snow but to extreme winds and snowdrift.
> >plus pound of weight the benefits are numerous.  I sat out four days
> of
> >white-out blizzard at 10,000 feet in the Sierra's while four to five
> feet
> >of snow fell.  A bivey sack will endanger your survival in that kind
> of
> >condition since it could easily be buried overnight and cause
> suffocation.
> >The pyramid shape of the Sierra Design tent shed the snow excellantly
> and
> >still I almost suffocated one night due to extremely hard snow fall!
> Thanks!
> Alan
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