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[pct-l] High Sierra snow


  OK, I'm curious.  That was a very rare storm.  Will you please share details
such as when this happened (date), was it on your thru-hike, what you did after
the storm (I assume your food was low) and what equipment (snowshoes, skis, if
any; helicopter, perhaps) that you had.
  The pyramid design for tents was originally developed by Roald Amundsen as it
not only held up to heavy snow but to extreme winds and snowdrift.

>plus pound of weight the benefits are numerous.  I sat out four days of
>white-out blizzard at 10,000 feet in the Sierra's while four to five feet
>of snow fell.  A bivey sack will endanger your survival in that kind of
>condition since it could easily be buried overnight and cause suffocation.
>The pyramid shape of the Sierra Design tent shed the snow excellantly and
>still I almost suffocated one night due to extremely hard snow fall!


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