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[pct-l] Lightweight Tents and Bivys

I'm an AT hiker but follow this listserver with interest as I hope to
hike on the PCT one day. I recently purchased a Stephenson tent, model
2R which weighs 2lbs, 15 oz. without ground cloth and stakes. It is
HUGE! On a recent AT hike, it performed admirably. The temps got down
into the teens and we actually got warm in our down bags and had to
unzip the hoods! We also got a little snow. Two of us used it and were
able to get all of our equipment in it and still have plenty of room.

It is a double walled tent but doesn't have a rainfly. The second layer
is integrated with the first, sort of like a Bibler. We got very little
condensation and what we did get stuck to the inner layer. Our down bags
didn't get wet. This only happened on one night when there was
absolutely no air flow.

I would think a bivy could get pretty claustrophobic during a two or
three day blow when you had to hole up. I would seriously consider a
tent like the Stephenson if attempting a long hike or thru-hike on the
PCT. I know I will carry it when I do my thru of the AT.

Just my .02

Peter H. Fornof

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