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[pct-l] Re: bivys and bags

John -

Thanks for your post.

>snip<  The main problem is
>condensation against the non-breatheable coated nylon floor panel... 

Sounds like in general, condensation around the breathable part of
the bivy isn't too much of a problem, as long as it's not raining.

>These issues notwithstanding, I rarely bring my tent on a 3-season trip
>I enjoy the Eureka Gossamer....   I must note, though, that that materials
>are still pretty light, and I don't expect mine to survive the entire PCT (I
>tentatively plan to use it only for the Sierra and OR-WA, and use a tarp
>otherwise, but I am still trying determine if the bivy might be an option
>for Cali, since it seems you just need a shelter for occasional

I'm going to try the Gossamer on some overnights this winter (mild weather).
It sounds like a good compromise.  It seems the bivy might be nice
in California for bugs, if you have no other form of shelter.  I might 
decide to go with a bivy in California, and a bivy and tarp in the Sierras
and OR/WA to help a little more with the weather.

>I am weary of sweating the gear details.  I want to get walking -- Spring
>'98 cannot arrive too fast!
>Good luck ---

I hear you!  Trail fever!  See you on the trail in '98 --


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